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Lawyer PrayingYou do not have the pray that you will get new customers anymore.

With AAA Leads Team, you only pay when a person looking for your Businesses Services picks up the phone and calls your business.

How many qualified prospects who are seeking your Expertise or services do you want calling you?

DO NOT spend thousands of dollars on advertising and praying it pays-off with a flood of brand new clients or customers from all the promises of the sales person.

You do not have to spend money on Advertisements, Google, Bing, Clicks, Flyers, Leaflet drops and Phone Directories in the HOPE they will create new business.

Your capacity to close the sale identifies your success not the performance of your advertising and marketing.

For a reasonable pay as you go fee, you could have many potential new clients calling or emailing you for your Services and solutions. We could supply High Quality Exclusive Phone leads in over 500 english speaking cities worldwide.

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How It Works

As a full-service marketing company, we get qualified enquiries who are looking for your specific Services and have them call YOU!

We use various sources such as Paid Advertising, SEO, Directories, and good old common sense marketing.                                               

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Frequently Asked Questions                    

  • Are these leads sold or shared to multiple businesses?
    • Never. These EXCLUSIVE Qualified phone call leads are yours exclusively, never shared around between other businesses ever.
  • How do I receive the leads?
    • An Exclusive lead is received straight to the phone number YOU nominate.
  • What if I can’t answer the phone?
    • If you cannot always answer your phone we can set up a professional answering service just for your business so you never miss another call. (other charges apply)
  • How are the leads generated?
    • We may use a combination of Internet Marketing SEO, Paid Ads, Facebook, Email, Social Media, Directories, and good old common sense marketing to generate an Exclusive Qualified lead for your business in your nominated areas.
  • How much do they cost?
    • It varies per niche starting from $20 for an email enquiry
  • Are there any other costs?
    • No, not at all. You only pay per call/email lead.
  • Am I tied into a long contract?
    • No. It is possible to cancel the service at any time by advising our Customer Support team in writing. We cannot guarantee that you can join back in your area as leads will be given to another business in that area as soon as you leave.
  • How many leads do you generate per week/month?
    • It depends, how many can you want and can handle, how many are searching in your area, seasonality etc
  • How do I pay? What are the payment terms?
    • You will need to add credit to your account to receive leads from us. This is done via a debit or credit card or PayPal.
  • What happens if I receive a lead that is of poor quality?
    • We do our best to ensure that all leads are of a consistently high quality, however, if you feel that you have received a lead that does not meet these standards then you can either contact our Customer Service team to discuss your query or complete our returns form. You will not be charged for telemarketing, market research calls or for a repeat customer call in 30 days.
  • Can I try say 5 leads and then decide if I want to continue past there?
    • Our system is unable to automatically stop your account after the first 5 leads have been received. However it is possible to contact us at any time to review the leads you have received or cancel your account.
  • Is there a set up fee?
    • No, there is no setup fee, however you must fund your account with a minimum $500
  • How soon can I start getting these Exclusive Qualified Leads for my Business?
    • Once you have credit in your account it may take us a few days to set up & test, you will start to receive calls as we are testing quality & refining our lead generation techniques specific to your business and area.
  • Will you give me a free trial so I can test quality?
    • Unfortunately not. The demand far exceeds supply for our leads, so we only sell them to paying customers. The best way to trial our services is by signing up. Remember you can always cancel at any time – so there really is no risk.
  • How do I get started?
    • Contact us using the form below to see if your business niche & area is available & you qualify.

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